Dear friend,
                 how are you?i'm spending my holidays of summer with my parents and friends in Calcutta.i had also finished all my projects .Im doing very well.we are doing different different things here and we also went to my favorite place where we used to go while we were kids.i also hope that we will meet soon.Pls reply me back and send me how you spend your holidays too bye take care
yours sincerely
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7th May 2016

Dear friend
I hope you must have  enjoyed your summer vacation.As you know now its school time and you have recently shifted your house and we can,t describe our holidays no more so i had wrote this letter to describe my holidays in Goa.

I and my family were very happy from the first glimpse of the station.It was clean and no pollution like there in Delhi.Then we want to a hotel named TAJ HOTEL in Panjim a 5 star hotel.The hotel was so big i thought i would get lost in it.Then that evening we went to the beaches and enjoyed the relaxed scenario.At night we want to watch a film in INOX.The next day we wan to the famous tourist places like old goa church and all.At the last day we want by airplane and i wished to come back to goa because the smell of goa was mush better then Delhi.

I think i enjoyed my holiday. Eager to know about your holidays and say my greetings to Uncle and Aunty.

Your Dear and Near friend