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Two integer numbers are co-prime if they are prime with respect to each other.
That means they have no common factors other than 1.  Another way of saying that is the numbers are coprime if their GCD is 1.

examples:  23 and 24 are co prime.  2 and 3 are coprime.
 24 and 25 are co prime.  100 & 104 are not coprime as 4 is a common factor for either of them.

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Two numbers can be called coprimes if they r having no other common factor than 1(one). for eg.
⇒27 and 16
they have no other common factor than 1.
so they are coprimes

⇒36 and 72
they are having common factors other than 1(one): 3, 9, etc
so they will not be called  coprimes

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