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Roman's architecture was once world fantastic classical architecture.
It has arch, dome, vault.
It was greatly developed during the period of renaissance. 
History, Facts and Information about Ancient Roman ArchitectureArchitecture is defined as the 'art and science of designing and erecting buildings' and the ancient Romans were masters of Architecture - designing and erecting buildings. Their skills in building and engineering, including their invention of concrete,  resulted in different types and styles of architecture including the building of forts, villas, temples, towns, baths, great walls and roads - changing the face of Europe forever. The history of Ancient Roman Architecture was divided into two distinctive eras. The first era was of the Republic where the origins of the architecture of the Romans can be traced to the Etruscans, who migrated from Asia Minor to Italy in the 12th Century BC. The second era started in 27BC and is classed as the period of the Empire. The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about Ancient Roman Architecture.