A few days back, one of my neighbor came to our home. To be truthful, I don't like her much....... And besides, I was feeling very low and wanted to be left alone. My mom was doing some work, so I had to entertain her. 
I was eating pizza and watching TV when she came. Frustrated, I had to switch off the TV but was too lazy to put away my plate. While seeing one of the show pieces, my neighbor slipped and landed on her face facing my plate. Her hair was wet ans soggy. She said a few words when I tried to control my laughter and then went out, embarrassed. My pizza was punctured :( but it was worth it XD
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One day , when i was gone for my jogging i saw one child . around 10 year old , dancing . he was dancing very well but suddenly he lie down on ground and start shaking himself . after around 2-3 minutes he became normal. when everyone asked him " what had happned to you ? "  so, he replied that "i watched one vidieo in which a person was doing same like me for mixing milk with sugar , so i was doing same to mix milk with sugar ."                                                                  

 that was the funniest moment of my life
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