The versailles treaty marked the end of world war 1 in was a very big conference including 32 countries and their the terms of this germany was made responsible for the war.there arms were reduced.there army strength was reduced.because of this treaty germany became politically unstable.the main objective was not to allow germany to develop
The following were the term of the Treaty of Versailles:
i) Germany lost possession of its overseas colonies.
ii) Germany lost a tenth of its population and 13 percent of its territories, 75 percent of its iron and 26 percent of coal resources were acquired by France, Poland, Denmark and Lithuania.
iii) Germany was demilitarized by allied powers to weaken its power.
iv) Compensation amounting to 6 billion pounds was required to be paid by Germany due to its responsibility for the war as held by the War Guilt Clause.
v) The resource rich Rhineland region was occupied by Allied powers for much of the 1920s.
                                     The main objective of treaty of versailles was 
that to punish the germans for world war 1.