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The factors responsible for increasing economic growth activity are 
1- Increase in nominal money supply: Increase in nominal money supply without corresponding increase in output increases the aggregate demand. The higher the money supply the higher will be the inflation. 
2- Increase in disposable income: When the disposable income of the people increases, their demand for goods and services also increases. 
3- Expansion of Credit: When there's expansion in credit beyond the safe limits, it creates increase in money supply, which causes the increased demand for goods and services in the economy. This phenomenon is also known as 'credit-induced inflation'. 
4- Deficit Financing Policy: Deficit financing raises aggregate demand in relation to the aggregate supply. This phenomenon is known as 'deficit financing-induced inflation'. 
5..Black money spending: People having black money spend money lavishly, which increases the demand un-necessarily, while supply remains unchanged and prices go up. 
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