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HTML5 has been in the introduction of a number of sectioning element that can be used to mark up your web pages. Using this elements gives more semantic meaning of your pages , allowing computer programs to better understand your content.
The example below uses a <main> element to represent the main content for the page
 <div id="logo">Rocking Stone</div> <nav>...</nav>
<main role="main">
 <p>The greatest guitars ever built.</p> <article>
Gibson SG</h2>
 <h2>Fender Telecaster</h2>

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Dear is this a software or used in notepad ????????
used in a notepad.
used in notepad is not the limitation of html5, there are many editors and IDEs for html5
HTML5 is a scripting language....

I guess you should read few lines about scripting language..... but basically HTML5 is used for web development works.....
PLz explain some examples i know how to use HTML but nothing about HTML5