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Uniform circular motion : like a stone being whirled in a circle (horizontal) by a boy holding the string tied to the stone.

speed of the body remains constant.
velocity of the body is directed always tangentially and its magnitude is constant.

There is a central force which supplies the centripetal force. This could be the tension in the string.

There is an acceleration of the body perpendicular to velocity and directed towards the center of circle along the radius.

Kinetic energy remains constant.  Of course total energy and momentum are also conserved.

Impulse delivered by a Force  =  Force * time duration during which the
                                                           force acts on a  body
                   =  Change in the momentum of the body

Impulse is a vector quantity. When a baseball is hit, or football is hit, there is a large force acting on the ball for a brief moment. That makes the ball turn away with a great velocity.