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1. Banking of roads. That is a road at curves is elevated by at the farther end of curvature. The angle of banking is Ф. The normal reaction from the ground is N. The vehicles are inclined to vertical by angle Ф.
   N cos Ф balances the weight mg of vehicle along the vertical line.
   N sin Ф supplies the centripetal force along the radius of curvature. That
   determines the maximum speed of the vehicle to avoid slipping.

2. A projectile (stone) thrown with an initial speed u at angle Ф with the horizontal, has a vertical component of (u sin Ф - g t)  and horizontal component of u cos Ф.

3. when we sharpen pencil with a blade, we cut the pencil at an angle. The component of force in the direction perpendicular to pencil Cuts the pencil. The component of force in direction parallel to pencil removes the thin wooden part.

4. Earth's magnetic field has two components B and H : perpendicular to Earth's surface and parallel to the surface.

5. Pendulum. the tension in the string has two components to balance the weight and to give the centripetal force.