My favourite teacher is MAM SHASHI, she's intelligent and beautiful too.she helped me in many ways to solve the problems.her teaching is excellent and mind blowing. She explain very well.she's abroad minded, some of the students make teachers fun.but if the teachers not teach us, we as literate we are illiterate, so students would not make fun just respect them and give them on teachers day one special gift. He/She will be very proud of us.teachers are the way towards the study they explain then we'll able to understand. Suppose there are no teachers in school we have to explain urself.all subjects are we able to understand. But sanskrit who and how we able to understand? So understand the importance of the teachers.
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Thx a lot ths is vry helpful...
teachers are the second most important people in our life.they teaches us will all their efforts and concentration.they sometimes scold us but it is not for our bad instead for our best.i have a number of teachers in my is almost uncountable.among all the teachers , rita gomes is my favourite teacher.she is very beautiful.she has the power to understand a childs heart.she never scolded us and as she is so understanding , we also loved her very much.her age is about 30.she use to llive in dargiling but she has come to kolkata to teach us.