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We wake up early on Ganesh Chaturdhi, take head bath, wear fresh new silky clothes and sit in front of the puja mandir, which we decorate with fruits, flowers after cleaning up.  We recite the sanksrit slokas and prayers, after that we read the story of Ganesha in front of the Idol of Ganesha (of mud/earth). We perform puja with many leaves and flowers and yellow rice grains. We then put the yellow rice grains on our heads and do Sahashtanga pranaam and we do sit-ups to request the God to excuse our mistakes and bless us.

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Diwali is a festival celebrated as a dedication to lord krishna. We get up early in the morning, take oil bathe, wear new dresses, Pray god present food for god and crow, share sweets, go to temple, fire crackers, light lamps.