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Education has many good effects and human race progresses mainly due to
educated persons. Unfortunately there are some adverse affects of education.

The terrorists, who are educated, seem to be creating more troubles to people as they misuse their knowledge and intelligence.

Well educated people often use their knowledge, presentation techniques, language skills etc. are able to cheat public and rob them of money.

Educated people want to stay and stick to the metropolitan cities for clerical jobs, even though they can make life better in the country side and help India's development.  The excess urbanization is because of educated people.  Villages were full of people once and now there are not many young persons in villages.

All people want to do jobs that educated persons do, and while sitting in offices. Very few people do the traditional professional services.

Education has now become a business beyond justification nationally and internationally. Too much of money is being spent and there are many bad quality institutions existing today.

A lot of young students who are unable to cope up with studies and stand up to the competition are daring to commit suicide, instead of living with what they are able to do.

Very advanced countries are able to control other developing nations and underdeveloped nations because they are well ahead in technology and science. That was the result of the education in their countries. Education is used as power.

Education often kills ingenuity and raw intelligence in some students. Students lose their original thinking capabilities, that can possibly make them big.

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