timurs invation paved the way for aburs conquest of india.babur was a descendent of timur.he invaded india in 1526 CE and killed ibrahim lodi in the First Battle of Panioat.this battle was a major turning point in the history of was a momentous event that marked the end of the delhi sultanate and the beginning of the mughal rule in india.babur was the founder of the mughal empire.he lost his father in 1494 that time he was only 11 years old.he was succeeded by his son humayun.
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Babur the founder of Mughal Empire and the first Mughal Emperor.When he was only 11 years old his father died.As soon as the old chief, or Mirza had died, Babur’s cousins and uncles turned against him and he had to run away. He returned three years later and took control of the city Samarkand. But one day, while he was out on an expedition to Fargana to regain the city, his enemies won back the city, Samarkand. As Babur went wandering around mountains, he slowly assembled a small army and entered what is now Afghanistan and attacked Kabul in 1504 A.D. He then came to be known as Ameer(king).this is how he became a king.