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INC was first convened in 1885. Not much happened till early 20th century. INC passed resolutions against British. During early 20th century, many supported the Swadesi movement. INC started movement for boycotting of British goods and promotion of Indian goods. Gandhi started participating in INC in 1920s. He started the nonviolence & non-cooperation movements, to protest the exploitation of Indians by British.

INC started making salt at the sea without paying taxes, violating the British laws. part of INC separated as Swaraj party (Motilal nehru and others) and contested elections. Swaraj party won in many states (provinces). Later INC protested strongly against british taking the decision of participation of india in the WW2.

INC became very strong by now. They started QUIT India movement in 1942. INC refused to cooperate with the British and their rule. Many INC leaders were in Jail for many years. Finally, at the end of war, British yielded to INC.

Naoroji, Nehru, Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi, JP Narayan, MAK Azad, SC Bose, Jinnah, Lajpat rai, countless number of ladies including wives of leaders had participated in the struggles by the INC.

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