Hey can anyone solve my problem??????
I m a member of the school Eco group and i m supposed to deliver a speech on any topic related to those which are causing a great effect to the environment or the ecosystem
I need some topics for the same
Please don't mention Global Warming, this topic has already been taken




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I give some TOPICS  -  some factors which can be combined into a TOPIC

there are many causes , factors that affect ecosystem - ecological system - directly or indirectly, slowly in time

storms, cyclones.. droughts and floods
population increase - increase in immigrations - increase in consumption
inefficient technologies
consumption of natural foods/services - consumption of industrial (artificial) foods/services
development of technology and science that changes or exploits balance in ecosystem, for individual profits
construction of too many dams across rivers, altering course of water..

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i am sorry if i hurt u.. snehita
she asked some topics only. not speech. Add your answer now. okay. i will not delete.
thanks for your answer i helped me ......
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