the word ecology is named by a german biologist in 1869 . the word comes from the greek word ' oikos ' (ecos) , which means 'house' .it can be thought as the study of natures house keeping .ecology is the fundamental concept of functional ecology and looks at how men , animals , plants and other living things survive together.

ecology deals with the study of interaction between living organisms and the physical environment.a pond , a lake or a forest are the examples of ecosystem unit.human function and operation sometimes disturb ecosystem.since the industrial revolution , people have been aspiring and obtaining maximum production from nature through intensive farming or through industrilization to get
maximum output.

the ecosystem of the forests has been greatly the population is increasing the forests are being decreased.forests is the house for millions of animals.they are dying due to this imbalancement.if they die then we will also not be able to survive as they give us oxygen for breathing and food for eating.we can conserve this ecosystem by contributing a little bit.we can built our houses in opened grounds and not making place by cutting trees and deforestation.