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Calculating height of a straight standing object, calculating the distance between a man seeing the topmost point of the object from the topmost point of that object.calculatin angles formed in a situation where there is involvement of right angled Δs.please rate it as the best answer by clicking all five stars at once!
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Trignometry is used in almost all fields where we can do mathematical modeling of the given problem.
In chemistry the angles of various chemical bonds between atoms, distances betweeen neighboring atoms in  a molecule, energies etc. are calculated using trigonometry.
Where ever we have an area, volume related calculations are done.
When ever we talk about forces, balancing them or vectors we use trigonometry.
when ever land surveys are done they use trignometry
For astronomy related computations various angles and distances are found using trigonometry.
for finding a suitable optical lens used for short sight etc., we use trignometry
when ever we com across waves like light, sound, we use trig.
for calculations related to electric voltage, current etc. we use trig.

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