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The Tiger in the Tunnelis a touching story of the extraordinary courage of ordinary men, who remain oblivious to the world despite their acts of heroism. It tells the story Baldeo, a signalman at a small station, who dies fighting with the deadly tiger. The same responsibility now falls on Tembu, the eight year old son of Baldeo. Tembu has little time to mourn his father's death for he had to earn a living for supporting his family. Thus life goes on, uninterrupted by the great tragedies that befall..
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This is a story of bravery & courage about two men Baldeo and his son Tembu. His father used to guard the trains which used to come through the tunnel from a tiger but once the fate was sealed and his father was killed by the tiger. Tembu was handed over the place and he used to keep an axe which his father had. Then at last he killed the tiger when he found it with the axe given by his father.
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