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Adult education is important in developing countries and under developed countries. The literacy percentage in India is quite low and the literacy among adults is very low. This is alarmingly low in the rural areas.

Illiterate adults are slow in catching up with the government and its administration. They are easily cheated by middle agents. Their awareness of their rights is low and their ability to fight for themselves is less.  Also, illiteracy is the cause for their poor living standards, in efficient usage of energy, communication gap between them and the government of other institutions.

When the adults in the masses get educated, they can take care of themselves physically. They can follow good sanitation principle and do a better living.

To implement adult education, a lot of government schemes may be introduced at the rural level and urban level. Classes may be conducted in the evening by school students, college students and voluntary organizations. If it is done on a regular scale, then India will be a better India.  Some incentives may be offered, like free books, uniforms, healthcare, and food to poor. The unemployed youth in villages may be given the task of local adult education.

Many such schemes are already planned and funded. These are to be implemented sincerely and without fail for at least 10 years. Then literacy will catch up and steadily increase every year.

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