Anushka-hey soma do u believe in ghosts?
Soma-No,yaar i don't.Do u?
Anushka-Well yes !!! because I've seen it.
Soma-Ohh really!!! How should I believe u?
Anushka-Arey really yaar m not lying!!
Soma-Where have u seen it?
Anushka-Actually one night my parents were out.I was alone n suddenly Lights gone off.
Anushka-i was tired as i returned home from office so i thought of coffee n gone to kitchen to make it.
Soma-Ohh so ghost made it ? :)
Anushka-Arey m not joking yaar
Soma-ok carry on sorrry!!!
Anushka-then i saw out of my window,there was a man with no hands wearing white shirt,n i brought my coffee to my room n u know when i tasted,it tasted salty n i was so afraid!!! n then i heard walking  sound of someone.
Some-Ohh come on yaar u live in 21st century n u believe in ghost u know actually u put salt instead of sugar in ur coffee that out of fear,n it was clothes hanging out which may be ur mother had put,n no one was coming or walking towards u it was the sound of dry leaves fallen in streets.
Anushka-may be yaar but i still remember it.
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thanx Attu
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