Make in your own words (no copy and pasting)
About Fear of the dark.

This is for my Picture book that my class is making (individually) / (by our selfs)

It has to be short and it has to have a good ending also its for kids each page has to have at least two sentences. Because we have to draw pictures and than write the sentence in each page. And the pictures have to go for 10 pages well parts each picture has to have a sentence that goes with it. Thank you so.... Much :D

We have to give a story. Right?
The story has to be about 'Fear of the dark'
also it has to be short but i need to have 10 pages of pictures
so each line has to be 2 sentences
but u guys don't need to draw the pictures just a story about 'fear of that dark'


We all have a fear. Some have fear of height, water, dark, insects, etc. But the very common fear is 'THE FEAR OF DARK'. In this fear we usually think that their is someone standing infront of us. 

There is a story about a child who was afraid of dark.....................
Once upon a time in a city there lived a child named Sushil. He was having a big bunglow. He was very afraid of dark. Whenever his parents ask him to bring a bottle of water from the kitchen which is downstairs, he immediately says NO!. Sushil was so afraid of dark. One day in night his mother asked him to bring the blankets from the next room, he said no for that also. One day his mother asked him that whats the matter? why you always say no when I give you a work at night, because you are so helpful. Sushil replied", Mother, whenever there is dark I notice a person standing infront of me and sometime I think that he is coming towards me." His mother explained him whole night that there is nothing like that. Next day when Sushil woke up, he said to his mom that give me work at night too. His mother gave him a work at night. The work was small for starting. But Sushil was scared then also but he tried and he did the work. His mother gave him work every night and Sushil was left with no fear of dark. His mother was happy and they lived happily ever after.


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