Adverbs and Adjectives Worksheet Directions: Circle the correct form to complete the sentence. 1. The student wanted to finish her homework quick / quickly . 2. Todd walked very sneaky / sneakily down the hallway. 3. The student was in such a hurry that she did bad / badly on the assignment. 4. The girl sang beautiful / beautifully . 5. The classroom was very noisy / noisily . 6. Antonio wound up and threw the football hard / hardly . 7. Whoever made the cake did a wonderful / wonderfully job. 8. She was running down the hallway crazy / crazily . 9. She answered the question wrong / wrongly . 10. The flowers smelled good / well . Underline the adjectives and circle the adverbs. There is at least one of each in every sentence. 11. I have six dollars but, unfortunately, I need ten dollars to get into that awesome movie. 12. He quickly threw on his green pants and orange shirt. 13. I am very mad, but I am not mad at you. 14. The black cat stealthily walked on the old windowsill. 15. We happily ate the fat, juicy steaks. 16. She clumsily spilled hot coffee on her pink shirt. 17. The car is not red. 18. The cat is really old. 19. The student sloppily wrote his answers on the crumpled homework sheet. 20. The teacher angrily graded the messy h
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