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Long life is a blessing
     Life is beautiful and enjoyable to live, feel, experience, act.
     One can see the progress of own families, clan
     One is respected as the oldest in the family
     Indirectly long life means, one is healthy, being healthy is a real blessing.
     One knows a lot of things over long period. So people respect and
                      consult the old person for important things.
     One gets listed in record books
     one is is productive, doing reading of books, writing books, participating in
             arts, shows

Long Life is not a blessing
     if one does not have sufficient resources to live
     if one is not healthy
     if one is living alone or without good support of near relatives
     if one is not interested in enjoying life of the old age
     if one is not cared for
     if one does not have enough strength in the body to go around, or not having
                   anything to do.

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