Parents are our first god as they bring us into the world, take care of us from the time we are born and teach us all we need. Though god has created us but our parents have nurtured us and made us what we are right now. they are one of the true magicians in our life. they give us whatever we want and whatever we ask to them. they help us fulfill our dreams and help us become great persons in our life.
thank you.
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Our patents are God - like, because they help us in every way in every condition.They help us to walk to work to be honest person, they are really God I see in my life. They protect us they save us from weather conditions. But today's generation, have no time and no value of their respective parents. We have to respect our parents.they do everything for us and for what us do for them.nothing!!!! In fact, they buy for us what us want.but we do nothing.we are very proud to be have parents.but new generation, have no time to respect, patience.for example, if we are small they ask from there parents that " whatwas that"they said a squirrel, many times we ask they said to us very sweetly.New generation, they ask when they are old and cannot see.they ask "what was that".we say "u cannot see its a squirrel".wasting time of me.that we say to uor parents.but we cannot see that "I have asked so my father said me sweetly but my father asked we shout."TO RESPECT OUR PARENTS ARE RESPECT OF GOD".
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