western culture has influenced India so much that we don't even make things of Indian origin.  From our school uniforms to gadgets and so many other things western culture has influenced us. western culture influencing us is not wrong but we should go on using them. people are learning all western dance forms like contemporary, hip hop, ballet, salsa, etc which are also influenced from the western culture.
from all these examples see how much western culture has influenced India .
thank you.
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The British era is considered one of the most eventful eras in the History of India. The era bought about a lot of changes in almost every aspect of Indian society. The rational & scientific outlook of the British way of life influenced Indian society from the very beginning of British imperialism, The art, architecture, literature, painting, poetry, drama, even religion & philosophy were greatly influenced by Western thoughts. The English-educated Indian people like doctors, lawyers & teachers. New colleges were also started like Hindu College in Calcutta, Fort William College in Calcutta.  Besides education, Indian lifestyles were affected by English lifestyle patterns were introduced like in social etiquette, dress & eating habits. The Britishers also influenced Indians in the field of painting as Western style was introduced. With the course of time the way of learning in India was also influenced by English style & English words & Idioms which penetrated vernacular language.
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