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Just remember the first Sine table.The rest you can get as follows:
Cosine-whatever values you have written for Sine are the same but in right to left order.
Tan - Sine divided by Cosine gives you Tan
Cot - The reciprocal values of Tan
Co secant- The reciprocal values of Sine
Secant - The reciprocal values of Cosine 
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Have a picture of a right angle triangle ABC with B at right angles in mind. Change the angles or sides accordingly, if u are familiar with another notation. Remember the first two ratios and then remember how to get others from these two.

Sine A = opposite side of A / hypotenuse  = a / c

Cosine A = adjacent side of A / hypotenuse  =  b / c

Now tangent or tan A = Sine / Cos    = opposite side / adjacent side = a / b

Other 3 are reciprocals of the 3 above in reverse order.

cotangent A = 1/ tan A = Cos /sin  = b / a

Secant A = 1/cos A  = c / b

Cosecant A = 1/sin A  = c / a

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