This is a speech about education of girls if you want it take it and short it friend :) :)   In good old days it was emphasised that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. This is no longer true. Women look after their family and make better homes than men, but today they also occupy the highest offices.They do not lag behind men in almost every singular aspect of life..It has become necessary, therefore, to educate women just like men. There are numerous schools and colleges for girls and women in most of the cities.a. The Government must provide special facilities to train large number of women teachers, because they have a liking for the profession. Much population increase occurs in illiterate families where both men and women are uneducated. Educated women can understand the need of a planned family for the happiness of the family and the country as a whole.. A women who has been trained in various things can act as a great influence on the child. Some of the best schools in our cities will tell the parents that a child’s progress in education depends as much on the parents as on the teachers.A child learns from home, school and the environment. Hence, an educated mother has a great responsibility to educate her child properly. This is much more so in a developing nation like India.To make India a prosperous country, every man and every woman in the nation must be educated. 
0 is a true information about girls.
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