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Answered in PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE AND CULTUREIs German a Latin based language?Answer German is not a Latin based language. German is a West Germanic language German is not a Latin based language because it is not a romance language. A Romanc…
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In December 1953, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appointed the States Reorganisation to reorganize the Indian states. This was headed by the retired chief Justice of supreme court Fazal Ali and the commission itself was also known as the Fazal ali commision. The other two members of the commission were Mr. Hridaynath and Mr. k.M. panikkar. The efforts of this commission were overseen by Govid Bhallav, who served as Home Minister from December 1954. The commission created a report on September 30, 1955 recommending the reorganisation of India's states.the parliament debated on the report. Finally , a bill making changes in the constitution and reorganising states was passed and was implemented from november 1,1956.
The States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) was a body constituted by the Central Government of India in 1953 to recommend the reorganization of state boundaries. In 1955, after nearly 2 years of study, the Commission recommended that India's state boundaries should be reorganized to form 16 states and 3 union territories.
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