An Incident that changed my life Human life is so designed that we will face various types of situations in life and learn various lessons from them and grow. Every situation is an experience for us. Our job is to extract as much benefit from every experience as we can.Every occasion,no matter how insignificant it may appear,provides us with an opportunity to learn something or the other,if we can keep our mind open for learning.There is an incident which i would like to narrate,which has helped me to always remain optimistic. I was busy shopping
during my christmas holidays and after picking a couple of things, i was walking down the street. Suddenly i noticed a disabled person crossing the road. It was a very pathetic sight. This man had no hands and had only one leg.It appeared that it was a result of a terrible accident he experienced earlier.what surprised me the most was seeing a smile on his face. I was wondering as to how he could smile inspite of being in such a terrible and miserable state.I learnt a lot from him. I understood that what determines our happiness or unhappiness is not the external circumstances but our mental attitude or reaction towards those circumstances. Our life is shaped by our thoughts. If we think positively our attitude towards life would be positive.But when we have a negative outlook,our life would be a bundle of negation.A person who thinks positive sends out
positive thoughts around which activates the environment and he also draws back positive vibrations.If we give vibrations of love through our thoughts,words and deeds,we would get more of love.A positive person finds acceptance
everywhere.Contentment brings cheerfulness in one's life.
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