Hardware Is Physical and Software is in Data form in The computer

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Hardware is the electronic items that are physically connected to make the computer.  THis contains physical memory, cpu, monitor, peripherals etc.

Software is data or programs. it is not visible to the eyes. it is present in terms of binary ones and zeros on the hardware like memory - disk or on-board primary memory (main).

Software program contains instructions that are executed by the CPU, which is hardware. Software program uses data during execution, which is stored on storage devices - which are hardware.

Software does not wear out. It resides on hardware. Hardware wears out after some years. Software and hardware can both have defects and mistakes. Hardware may be thrown out if there is a problem, repair etc.. software can always be repaired and corrected and used.

software can be copied and re used.  hardware has to be physically manufactured. Software is a level higher than hardware.

Without hardware , software can do nothing.

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