Give 2 events that happend in Ramayna and Mahabartham tomorow test
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The Kuru prince Bhishma abducted the three Kasi princesses in order to marry them to his brother, Prince Vichitravirya. While the prince married the younger two sisters, he rejected the eldest, Amba as that princess was in love with the Saubha king. However, Saubha would not have her back.
Before comment's continuation: She complained to the great warrior, Parasurama, who tried to bring about reconciliation between Amba and Vichitravirya. Since that was not possible, he asked Bhishma to marry Amba. Bhishma, due to his vow not to marry, refused
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An enraged Parasurama took up arms, but Bhishma subdued him. When even Parasurama could not vanquish Bhishma, a dejected Amba did severe penance in several holy places. When she performed her penance on the banks of River Ganga, the goddess appeared before her and asked what she wanted. Amba narrated her tale to Ganga and asserted her desire to kill Bhishma.


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