An athelete completes a round of a circular track of diameter 200 m in 20 sec. what will be the
i)the distance travelled by the athelete
ii)the magnitude of displacement of athelete at the end of 1 min and 10 seconds.

a)2000 m, 2000 m b)2200 m,500 m c)2200 m,200 m d)2000 m,200 m
please solve it urgently.




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The athlete continues to run every round in 20 sec.
In one round he completes circumference of the track:  π d
In 1 min 10 sec = 70 seconds, the athlete makes 70/20 = 7/2 rounds.

Distance traveled = 7/2 * π * 200 m = 2202.9 meters

The athlete is at the other end of the track as he completed 3 full rounds + 1/2 round.  It means his displacement from initial position is: diameter = 200 m

c)  2202.9 and 200 m