10 degree.....find BAC by angle sum property, then by exterior angle property, find BCD, Which will be equal to 75degree.....thereafter, angle BCF will be equal to 60degree. ...subtract and u will get 10 corresponding angles, x=10degreee see image
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I don't to find, I know only to wirte :/
C no no is 35degree. ....100%
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As AB and CF are parallel, angle ABC and BCF are equal.

So angle BCF = 40 deg

Angle ACF = 65 + angle BCF = 65+40  = 105

Angle DCF + angle ACF = 180   angles at a point on  a straight line

 Angle DCF = 180 – angle ACF = 180 – 105 = 75

Now ,   CD and FE are parallel.    So  angle DCF = angle x

Angle x = 75

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