A story written by premchand,it tells us about the relationship between two brothers.Both live away from home in a hostel to study. Kamta, the elder brother, spends all his time reading. Such is his passion to understand each and every word written in the book that sometimes he stays in one class a couple of times just to grasp the meaning of what is written. Samta, the younger brother, is just the opposite of Kamta. He is more interested in playing with friends than in studying. But he is terrified of his elder brother and to please him starts studying the minute he sees him. Both the brothers try to prove that his way of living is correct that leads to comic situations all through the play. 
Samta endears himself to the audience with his carefree attitude and his deep-rooted love for his elder brother. Kamta on his part manages to hold ground by his disciplined and restrained acting. 
However, what enthralls you is the climax. The scene where Kamta tells Samta that though their parents might never have gone to school or read even a single book, it is their experience of life that makes them educated. And however much they (Kamta & Samta) might study they can never match their parents’ intelligence. It stirs you and makes you think. 
Overall the two characters give vibrancy to the role that which they play with a mixture of compassion, anguish and tenderness. 
This tells of two brothers, narrated in the first person by the younger (the carefree, irresponsible but unknowingly brilliant one) about his older sibling, (the dour, studious but irredeemably mediocre one) is a study of contrasts of many kinds: a contrast of mindsets and approaches to life; a contrast of tradition and modernity, and a contrast of natural brilliance and natural dullness. No sides are taken by the writer in this hilarious study of two people who should be alike in every way, but are obviously touched by different stars.