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could it be 4177218, or  daggbah ?  passion ?  aebmieg ?

the password could be just the joining of digits, the digit may be used as index of a letter in the word from the forward direction or the other direction. it could be any other method.

it could be one of the above - depending on the way the husband thought at that time.
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this question is copied from a book it is a mcq 4177218 daggbah passion aebmieg are all its options passion is the correct one but we have to ask the man who kept the password ;]
Passion is the password.
The hint is taking the letter number from the fruit name.
4 grapes = P
1 apple = A
7 bananas = S
7 mangoes = S
2 pineapples = I
1 orange = O
8 pomegranates = N
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