Jack: Hey girl, wait there a second!
Veronica: For what?
Jack: I..I want to speak to you...
Veronica: Speak up!
Jack:It's about what happened last day in the canteen....I...i regret making that comotion out know...
Veronica: ...So do you admit that it was your fault?
Jack: Not to have a share in that...
Veronica: What? It was you who pushed the tray down...not me! and still if you don't accept it as your mistake then do not bother me!
Jack: Okay..Okay...I admit it was my mistake...and now i am here to reconcile and ask you pardon for puting you in that comotion...I am sorry...will you accept my pardon?
Veronica: Okay! I accept the pardon...I have forgiven you...You may go for now...and please don't repeat this again...get it?
Jack: Yeah! okay...i promise not to repeat this again...

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Brother and sister:
Rohit--di that was my chocolate!!
Simran--so what i ate.
Rohit--this is not fair u should not have eaten it
Simran--ohh but i ate
Rohit--IDK i want it back or pay for it
Simran--I don't have money
Rohit i'll complain to mom
Simran--do watever u want to
Rohit(in anger breaks simran's smart phone)
Simran--hey do u know what have u done(slaps)