Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on 16th august,1958.She is an American singer,songwritter,actress,and businesswoman. She achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imaginary in her in music videos,which became a fixture of MTV.Often reffered to as "The queen of Pop" ,she is cited as influence among other artists around the world.
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Madonna Louise Ciccone is a famous American singer ,actress and a song writer. She was born on 16th August ,1958 in America .She has sung many songs .She has achieve a lot of success in her life and she is also a businesswoman .She has so many occupations uncountable which also consists dancer ,author and director .She has sold more than 300 millions records worldwide and that is so amazing because it is not so easy .And she has also her name in the Guinness World Records .Instruments that she uses are - drums ,guitar etc...

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