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Synthesis of sentences means to combine two or more simple sentences in to one  sentence.  This can be done to form a new simple, compound or complex sentence.

The synthesis can be done in many ways.

I saw the question, I started answering immediately.
         Seeing the question, I started answering immediately.

There are many power cuts. We are not able to work well.
     Because of many power cuts, we are unable to work well.

using infinitive :
     I wanted to communicate better. I drew diagrams in answers.
       To communicate better, i drew diagrams in answers.

there are more ways
       I was hungry. I kept working.
         I was hungry, still I kept working.
       brainly answered my homework. I was happy.
       Brainly answered my homework, so I was happy.

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Synthesis of Sentences is the process of combining simple sentences, using Coordinate Conjunctions, to form Compound Sentences.

Example :

The wind blew. The rain fell. The lightning flashed.

There are sentences. Now, we can combine all these three sentences to form a Compound Sentence.

The wind blew, the rain fell and the lightning flashed.

This sentence is a Compound Sentence.

There are four types of Coordinate Conjunctions.These Conjunctions are widely used in the process of Synthesis of Sentences.