To thine own self be true in 1000 words

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"To thine own self be true" is a Polonius's last piece  of advice to his son Laertes , who is in an hurry to get on the next boat to Paris,where he'll be safe from his father's long-winded speeches [see NEITHER A BORROWER NOR A LENDER BE]
Every one living in the world has its own thoughts and hopes. These thoughts and hopes are different from the thoughts and hopes of another people. These thoughts and hopes are often known as our dreams. There is no one in the world that has not seen a dream in his or her life. Every person in the world has surely dreamt at least once in his or her life.

These dreams are really amazing. They may be anything. We may dream of becoming a doctor, a singer, a swimmer, an athlete or anything. These dreams are just endless. We even can’t control ourselves from seeing these dreams. They are not under our control. These dreams show us the path which we should follow to proceed in our life.

When we see a dream, we actually get a good reason to live our life. After seeing these dreams we start our new journey towards our dreams. These journeys are really amazing. These journeys are not as easy as it look like.      It has a number of obstacles in its path. It is we who have to overcome these obstacles and continue our journey.

Sometimes our parents think that our decision is wrong and it is the path which will lead us to hell. It is we who have to convince them and make them realize that we are not wrong; the decision will surely lead us to heaven.