Money does not buy happiness.It brings it.The term doesn't mean that it buys happiness.It just buys you things that make you happy.Money will buy you many things,but the happiness from it is limited.Money will buy you a bed,clock,book,house,medicines etc.What it won't buy you is sleep,time,knowledge,respect or life.Happiness has no price tag.Happiness is priceless.Money isn't everything.Happiness can not be bought.
I believe that money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is a feeling we find within our own selves as human beings. An object should not be able to define that happiness. I feel that an object can make a person happy for the moment but happiness is for a lifetime. If money can buy someone’s happiness I feel that, that is not TRUE happiness.

As a child I always thought money made everything better, until my family went broke and we no longer could do the things we desired to do or used to be able to do. We had to start watching what we spent and how we spent it. After this experience I have learned that I no longer need money for happiness. That my happiness comes from my friends and family and how I feel on the inside and in my mind.

Money is not everything and it is sad that nowadays a lot of people have not figured that out. Some never will. Some people are so caught up in what they think is happiness and live their whole lives miserable, some people find that out and try to turn things around and give money away to charities and people who need it. Some people also die miserable because they have never figured that out.