In a small village an orphan was stuggling hard to beg for some food , after a long days work at the shop . He reached a house and found a girl of his same age to open the door .He was well manneredand so asked only for a glass of water .Instead he was given a glass of milk ,on asking why the girl replied her mother had taught her to help people
After few years the girl now a lady got cancer . She was taken to a near by hospital for check up where she was told that it could be only cured in the city , the doctor being nice forwarded the case to another reknowed hospital where a doctor just after lisning to name of the village accepted the case. And so she got hospitalised . the operation was a huge success . BUT the joy of being cured was only for a short time because after the operation it time to pay the bill .The bill arrived with a lot of hesitation she opened the bill . 1 thing caught her sight at the right hand coner it was written whole bill payed in exchange of the GLASS OF MILK.....
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