Hitler is the dictator of Germany. one of the reasons for second war was hilter .
 Germany and allies got defeated in the first world war. treaty of Versailles  imposed some military cuts and made the Germany reason for world war one .hilter who was dictator wanted to take away the polish colony of Poland which divided Germany into two halves .he thought it would be a small issue but it led to the second world war.
hilter came with strong objectives which made the people believe in him so all of them joined Nazism implemented by hitler .however after getting defeated in second world war he committed suicide. 
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you have added a lot of information it suggests that you have a good knowledge on this topic but what was asked is a time line so please add relevant answer to the question asked
Timeline of hitler and nazi germany
⇒1889-hilter was born
⇒1919-he joined german workers party
⇒1923-tried to capture bavaria and failed so he was arrested
⇒1932-nazi party became the largest party
⇒30 jan 1933-he was elected as chacellor
⇒28 feb 1933-abolished civic rights
⇒3 mar 1933-passed enabling act
⇒1940-tripatite act was passed
⇒1939-germany invaded poland
⇒1941-he attacked soviet union
1922-youth league of nations was renamed as hitler youth and then dissolved

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