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During elections and some months before elections, members of opposing parties scold each other, war on each other. They also kill each other, creating a bad atmosphere in the constituency.

People are offered bribes, gold, liquor, petty work, cash and gadgets to vote for parties. They are being exploited. People take them, saying they at least get those things. Otherwise, when there are no elections, no one even bothers them.

A lot of public fund is spent on conducting elections. Thousands of crores of tax payers money is spent.  Our elections are not ensuring that the right candidates with right qualifications stand as candidates. Any one can stand and win with the strength of money.

The countries administration halts for some months. Everything goes slow. Government introduces schemes to capture the attention of people. The schemes may not be good for the country in the long run. One party introduces some laws and schemes. Another party, if it wins, closes all those schemes and starts its own. THis creates waste of resources, planning, time etc.

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