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Invention of the semiconductor transistor switch in 1947 J Bardeen & WH Brattain of Bell labs , USA.  Invention of Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) by William Shockely in 1951.

If that transistor switch was not invented and engineered, we would not have much of electronics and computers today.  We would not have progressed at all in the last 5 decades, as much as we progressed now. Web would not have spread.


Invention of mobile telephone communication (& engineering it to practical use ) is the most popular invention in the last three decades. Without a mobile phone in hand or pocket, half of the world today will not travel outside their house even for a minute.

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The greates but not the populest invention. Am trying put some lights and color to it so you may agree that this the most popular invention.I'm talking about PAPER ( ordinary paper) and printing press plzz don't come to an any conclusion before i finish my points; if you look out our human history each period shows the significant achievement like invention of smelting of metals,clock, gunpowder ,radio, telephone, computer, internet....ect all this made a great impacts in our history but everything has a big time gap because; to invent a new things, a man needs indepth knowledge. Before the paper invention, those knowledge are passed down one to next generation by just word or primitive paper like palm leafs or clay tablet by time; this words passing from one to another or copy of one palm leaf to another will be lost in translation. We don't know much about who invented paper but we know that chinese where the first to do that.The printing press was the invented by Johann Guttenburg . The printing press is the one invention that still stands out as one of the most positively beneficial inventions of all time, because of its ability to duplicate .It was also through these printed devices that allowed people to become more understanding of each other and each other's respective culture.with this duplicate of papers so called books share the insight depth and knowledge across time & distance . What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind. With out the paper + printing press we never would had the great minds like galilieo galilei, sir isaac newton, albert einstein...ect each one this people gained the knowledge frome books and gave way to new understanding and invention .Thus all invention came by the knowledge , thus knowledge came easily by books, thus books from printing press or means of paper. Now in this 21'st century each invention & innovation are happening or coming out very fast with no time gap because we now in world where fast sharing of knowledge is in the form of electronic paper media or called computert + internet. However don't think the paper & printing press will rust over,just yet. It is an material/instrument that has diversified itself so well that it has several different arms in several different profitable mediums, allowing it to remain relatively high on the list of inventions that are still beneficial to us today. It should be somewhat clearer to you as to why the paper & printing press was such an important invention . You should now be able to see that without this, the gradual education of the modern world would have been none existent or so called new invention that we holding in our hands like android device or computer none or non exited in this shot period of invention to innovation with out the shared knowledge given by printed paper or paper & printing press. So for i gave much light & color to my favorite, greatest & popular invention of science; now its you to say and support me by clicking thank you if so as best answer. Hasta la vista......:)