The various uses of history:
To get to about the past.
To get to know about our ancestors.
To know about the things which our ancestors used.
To get to know about how the civilization of India started.
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There are important uses of history as a man's memory links his past life to the present,so the history of a nation is its memory of its past. We cannot live without memory. If we know nothing of the history of our country, we cannot have the true feeling of nationhood; for we cannot enter into its traditions, its national feelings and ambitions. A knowledge of its history gives us the key to the spirit of our nation. Moreover the future will grow out of the present, as the present has grown out of the past. The study of history can give us much pleasure and instruction. A study of history broadens the mind, enlarges the sympathies and quickens the imagination. As we read of the great deeds done by our forefathers, and the achievements of other nations, our mind becomes filled with many noble and great figures. We come to feel a deeper interest, not only in our own people, but in all mankind.
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