⇒the prime minister is the head of the government in india
⇒he or she is the head of the council of ministers and the leader of majority party
⇒he asigns departments for the council of ministers and can shift them
⇒he or she is the link between the president and the council of ministers
⇒he or she is the chair person of the cabinet of ministers and supervises the functioning of the government

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He is the leader of the ruling party. He is the head of the ministers. He has the responsibility for the actions of ministries and government. His role is to see that the he makes ordinances acts in the favor of the people of the country. He has to listen to the opposition party members for the criticism of their policies and take action to rectify any shortcomings.

Official role of being the intermediary between the president and the government.
His role also includes upholding the unity and integrity and the country.  His role is very important because the decisions he takes influence the entire country.