1- an idle brain is the devils workshop  (one who has nothing to do will be tempted to do mischievous acts )
2-as you sow ,so you shall reap  (one will enjoy or suffer the results of his earlier actions or inactions)
3-when the cat is away,the mice will play   (when law enforcers are not present,some people will take advantage of the situation)
4-don't judge a book by its cover  (don't be deceived by appearance)
5-the darkest hour is that before dawn (there is hope even in the worst of circumstances)
6-prosperity makes friends,adversity tries them  (if you is rich and successful,you will attract many friends ,but if you should suffer hardship or adversity ,your false friend will quickly depart)
7 - birds of same feather flock together  (people who have same sort of character or belief tend to spend time together)
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Life is a bridge, crossover it ,but build no house on it
There is no shamein not knowing,the shame lies in not finding it
A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom
Life is like a game in which good shuffels the cards devil deals them and we have to play trumps