The horizontal range and maximum height attained by a projectile are R and H respectively. If a constant horizontal acceleration a = g ÷ 4 is imparted to the projectile due to wind in the direction of motion then its horizontal range and maximum height will be?
Answer should come (R + H), H




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Normal projectile motion , with no acceleration in horizontal direction.

H =  u² sin² Ф / 2g                u = initial speed, Ф angle of projection

R =  u² sin 2Ф / g

With a constant acceleration due to wind in horizontal direction:

Time of flight remains same and is dependent on vertical component of velocity.

H"  = same as H = u² sin² Ф / 2 g                as there is no modification in y direction

R"  = [u² sin 2Ф / g ] +  1/2 (g/4)  (2 u sin Ф÷g)²  , as    acc = g÷4     t= 2 u sinФ÷g

     = u² sin 2Ф / g + 1/2 u² sin² Ф / g

     = R + H

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