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A child is a child.. girl or boy .. how does it matter! They both need same care, love and affection. However, Once the child grows up.. girl normally gets married and lives with her husband. The issue becomes who takes care of the old parents... In case of boys, they too get married and .. mostly, then starts -the constant scuffle between in-laws and daughter-in-law.. that continues till the very end... In case, the boy lives in another house, scuffle may not exist but again - who takes care -becomes the Q? So ultimately .. if the parents can take care of their old age - then its really immaterial whether u have a girl or a boy. Socially , in India - boys are preferred - probably 1.)coz they marry and get dowry home 2.) coz they can stay with parents as per society 3.) coz they are supposed to give Agni etc. 4.) coz they give a sense of protection(late nights are not really a problem etc.) 5.) THEY CARRY THE FAMILY NAME FORWARD Boys are probably a boon for the practical materialistic world.. WHEREAS Girls understand the smallest tear of a mother .. she is a blessing .. her voice sounds like the cuckoo .. she provides happiness to the soul... i have a daughter and she is the world to me. I am a very happy mother.. she showers the love - no one else can! A son or a daughter should not really matter much. pink or blue - all colours look beautiful! Its our mind-set which needs to be clear.
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