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'Save As' allows you to choose save destination, and file name. 

'Save' overwrites the open file where the save destination, and file name have already been selected.
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you can also change the extension of file in 'save as'
Answer is Save allows you to save something you have saved before and you corrected it. Save as allows you to save something with a new identity. Identity can be name, location, file type. In other words, Save keeps edits/changes you made to the file you started working on. Frequent Saves are a good idea, especially if you are making long edits/contributions. If there is a system problem, you are likely only to lose material you added since the last Save. Save As creates a copy of the original.
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Save writes all the changes to the same file while Save As always brings up a dialogSave is quick and easy while Save As adds another step and can take a couple of seconds moreSave does not allow you to save to another file or format while Save As doesIf a file has not been saved yet, Save functions just like Save As
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